Source Imagery: 1. Cover of the Exhibition Catalogue Womanhouse  (showing Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro). 2. Group photo of some of the artist from Womanhouse, 1972

Womenhouse is a nine person drag queen feminist art collective created for the exhibition Workmore! #6  in spring 2014. The group is inspired by the exclusively female art exhibition & collective known as Womanhouse, organized by Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro in 1972.  Four decades later, Womenhouse, envisioned and produced by Lydia Brunch (Kolmel Withlove), reveals a fresh outlook on Womanhouse by infusing groundbreaking feminist works with contemporary queer and drag perspectives. The word “house” holds specific significance to drag culture, as queens often form and join drag houses for support, mentorship, and pageant competitions. The nine artists in Womenhouse include: Dam Dyke, Mutha Chucka, Sugah Betes, Sue Casa, Lydia Brunch (Kolmel Withlove), Lil Miss Hot Mess, Coca Kahlo, Fauxnique (Monique Jenkinson) and Mona G Hawd (Maryam Farnaz Rostami).

JUMP TO FIRST WOMENHOUSE PROJECT!  Loving Hair Vagina Painting (Sue Casa & Lydia Brunch)

Sally Spin Art (Sue Casa)

Safe Space (Fauxnique & Mona G Hawd)

Disposable Beauty: Painted Ladies & Disposable Faces (Mutha Chucka & Sugah Betes)

Doll Womanhouse (Dam Dyke)

Kitty Riot (Lil Miss Hot Mess & Coca Kahlo)

This text is drawn from by Michelle Lagasca in the post:


COCA KAHLO is a San Francisco based artist, learner and lover. Kahlo's work draws inspiration from multiple waves of feminism including riot grrrls, chicana trailblazers, and the occasional female pop singer. She can been seen performing at night clubs, charity events and underground dyke circuit parties.

DAM DYKE was born in a sustainable community on The Isle of Lesbos. Dyke’s performance takes interest in, and is inspired by, radical feminist leaders including trailblazing comedians such as Lily Tomlin, Gilda Radner and Phylis Diller. Dyke produced the award-winning Fried Green Tomatoes: The Drag Musical.

KOLMEL W LOVE (LYDIA BRUNCH) is part event producer part artist, with their work rooted in the drag, archetypes, the romance of history and the role of humor. As an artist, they believe in play and the unexpected and form or join collaborations including The Sick Collective, The Folsom Street Film Collective and the drag queen feminist collective Womenhouse. 

LIL MISS HOT MESS (HARRIS DAVID HARRIS) bedazzles audiences with a unique blend of camp, critique, and choreography. Hot Mess throws elaborate extravaganzas and performs at a range of venues from night clubs to SFMoma to political protests. Harris David Harris received his Master's Degree in Digital Arts & New Media at UCSC.

MARYAM FARNAZ ROSTAMI (MONA G. HAWD) is a San Francisco-based contemporary performance artist, director, and writer originally from Texas. She is a co-founder of the performance experiment Nicole Kidman is Fucking Gorgeous, commissioned in 2014 by the Asian Art Museum for original performance. Her evening-length performance piece, PERSIAN LOOKING, played at CounterPULSE in the summer of 2012. Maryam’s forthcoming audiobook is entitled Wargasm.

MONIQUE JENKINSON (FAUXNIQUE) uses dance and drag to consider the performance of femininity. She creates and performs her work, which locally and internationally in a range of contexts - from nightclubs to theaters to museums. In 2014 her cabaret show ‘Faux Real’ played Provincetown’s renowned Afterglow Festival and she created new work as an Associate Artist at Atlantic Center for the Arts. She is a past GOLDIE recipient, a recent de Young Museum Irvine Fellow and a current member of the advisory committee for the Friday Nights at the de Young series.

MUTHA CHUCKA is... TranMa! Anyone in the know, and with half a heart, knows and loves the nicest drag queen in San Francisco. Chucka has performed at a wide variety of events including: Trannyshack, Some THING, Drag Queens on Ice and any charity event truly worth attending.

SUE CASA is best described as the village idiot. With an amazing ability to paint the same face everytime and wear the same wig, her look is....well, recognizable to say the most. Her turn ons include fruity pebbles, jerks and horsedick riding. As Miss Trannyshack Star Search 2013, her "talent" is something that "happens" all over the city.

SUGAH BETES is an anachronism. Sugah is petticoats, feathers and sequins. She’s proudly the Rhoda; pretty enough but decisively a funny girl with lots of make-up and a story to tell. Sugah’s future aspirations include joining a 60s girl group, becoming a professional bargain-hunter, and aging into a bawdy old broad.