Source Image:
Leah’s Room, Karen LeCoq and Nancy Youdelman, Womanhouse, Los Angeles, 1972

Disposable Beauty: Painted Ladies & Temporary Faces, Sugah Betes & Mutha Chucka

Inspired by Karen LeCoq's and Nancy Youdelman's Leah's Room, an original work from Womanhouse, Sugah Betes and Mutha Chucka created Disposable Beauty: Painted Ladies & Temporary Faces.  The original work, Leah's Room, was an installation and daily performance, wherein a courtesan character would meticulously apply makeup and then remove it in an endless cycle.  Betes' & Chucka's work is a queer twist on the themes of tireless creation, maintenance and female competition. Their interactive work includes: a row of mirrors where the audience can see their reflections in a variety of signature drag looks, a coloring table where audience can create their own drag faces, and a row of make-up wipes collected from over 40 local queens. Above the face wipes and mirrors are two working clocks, set three hours a part, to honor the time it takes to "get in face."  



SUGAH BETES is an anachronism. Sugah is petticoats, feathers and sequins. She’s proudly the Rhoda; pretty enough but decisively a funny girl with lots of make-up and a story to tell. Sugah’s future aspirations include joining a 60s girl group, becoming a professional bargain-hunter, and aging into a bawdy old broad.

MUTHA CHUCKA is... TranMa! Anyone in the know, and with half a heart, knows and loves the nicest drag queen in San Francisco. Chucka has performed at a wide variety of events including: Trannyshack, Some THING, Drag Queens on Ice and any charity event truly worth attending.