Source Images:
1. Vagina Painting, Shigeko Kubota, Live Performance at Perpetual Fluxus Festival in NY, 1965 2. Loving Care, Janine Antoni, Live Performance at Anthony d’Offay Gallery, London, 1993

Loving Hair Vagina Painting, Sue Casa & Lydia Brunch

Shigeko Kubota's Vagina Painting and Janine Antoni's Loving Care, two works made almost 30 year apart, are combined in a feminist dream come true in Loving Hair Vagina Painting by Sue Casa & Lydia Brunch (Kolmel Withlove). The portrait created with Sue Casa's "vagina" and Lydia Brunch's "hair" is of Work MORE#6 art curator VivvyAnne ForeveMORE! Casa & Brunch take portrait commissions.



SUE CASA is best described as the village idiot. With an amazing ability to paint the same face every time and wear the same wig, her look is....well, recognizable to say the most. Her turn ons include fruity pebbles, jerks and horsedick riding. As Miss Trannyshack Star Search 2013, her "talent" is something that "happens" all over the city.

KOLMEL W LOVE (LYDIA BRUNCH)  is part event producer part artist, with their work rooted in drag, archetypes, the romance of history and the role of humor.  As an artist, they believe in play and the unexpected and form or join collaborations including The Sick Collective, The Folsom Street Film Collective and the drag queen feminist collective Womenhouse.