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Body Beautiful, or Beauty Knows No Pain: Hot House, or Harem (1966­-72), Martha Rosler

Kitty Riot!, Lil Miss Hot Mess & Coca Kahlo

Inspired by Martha Rosler's Body Beautiful, or Beauty Knows No Pain: Hot House, or Harem, (a photo collage of lounging naked women featured in Playboy magazines), Lil Miss Hot Mess and Coca Kahlo created the installation & video collage Kitty Riot! The video is a moving collage of playful and lounging cats activated from a podium by a cat paw button. The audio of meows grows increasingly more boisterous as more cats occupy the landscape. 


COCA KAHLO is a San Francisco based artist, learner and lover. Kahlo's work draws inspiration from multiple waves of feminism including riot grrrls, chicana trailblazers, and the occasional female pop singer. She can been seen performing at night clubs, charity events and underground dyke circuit parties.

LIL MISS HOT MESS (HARRIS DAVID HARRIS) bedazzles audiences with a unique blend of camp, critique, and choreography. Hot Mess throws elaborate extravaganzas and performs at a range of venues from night clubs to SFMoma to political protests. Harris David Harris received his Master's Degree in Digital Arts & New Media at UCSC.