1. Cage, Zarina, 1970
2. 10 Months, Susan Hiller, 1972
3. Sculpture II, Kirsten Justesen, 1968
4. Hon, Niki de Saint Phalle, Jean Tinguely and Per Olof Utedt, 1966


SAFE SPACE, Fauxnique & Mona G. Hawd 

Drawing inspiration from female artists from the 1960s and 1970s, Fauxnique and Mona G. Hawd's SAFE SPACE, explores dialogues surrounding feminism and women's safe space including: containment, inclusion/exclusion, privilege, safety, the gaze, self-definition and liberation, as well as their own ambivalence/conflictedness around the very idea that any space could or should be completely 'safe.' Four wooden 2x2's, collaged with images from women's magazines, announce the presence of a hole in the gallery. The poles function as both a safety warning to absent minded walkers, and as announcement that the space is functional and deliberate. G. Hawd and Fauxnique activate SAFE SPACE through a performance wherein they lip synch to their own conversation, recorded during the collage process, don, and then shed women's work wear, and transform plastic safety fencing from building supply to theatrical costume. 



MARYAM FARNAZ ROSTAMI (MONA G. HAWD) is a San Francisco-based contemporary performance artist, director, and writer originally from Texas. She is a co-founder of the performance experiment Nicole Kidman is Fucking Gorgeous, commissioned in 2014 by the Asian Art Museum for original performance. Her evening-length performance piece, PERSIAN LOOKING, played at CounterPULSE in the summer of 2012. Maryam’s forthcoming audiobook is entitled Wargasm.

MONIQUE JENKINSON (FAUXNIQUE) uses dance and drag to consider the performance of femininity. She creates and performs her work, which locally and internationally in a range of contexts - from nightclubs to theaters to museums. In 2014 her cabaret show ‘Faux Real’ played Provincetown’s renowned Afterglow Festival and she created new work as an Associate Artist at Atlantic Center for the Arts. She is a past GOLDIE recipient, a recent de Young Museum Irvine Fellow and a current member of the advisory committee for the Friday Nights at the de Young series.