Source Images: 1. Cover of the Exhibition Catalogue Womanhouse 2. The Dollhouse, Sherry Brody & Miriam Shapiro, 1972

Doll Womanhouse, Dam Dyke

Inspired by Sherry Brody's and MIriam's Shapiro's The Dollhouse, an original work from the 1972 Womanhouse exhibit, Dam Dyke created the work Doll Womanhouse, depicting the feminist works created within the rooms of the original exhibit.  Dyke activates the work in a performance where, donning a bathrobe, she silently tapes out a room for herself, plays with the dollhouse and overcome with emotion lipsyncs the Tegan and Sara songs "Like O Like H" and "Floorplan" (songs about the anxiety of growing up amid chaos, and the desire for a flawed heart to be understood).



DAM DYKE was born in a sustainable community on The Isle of Lesbos. Dyke’s performance takes interest in, and is inspired by, radical feminist leaders including trailblazing comedians such as Lily Tomlin, Gilda Radner and Phylis Diller. Dyke produced the award-winning Fried Green Tomatoes: The Drag Musical.