Lovers and Loves-  Clips and Experiments
Experiments in Love, Handmade Cameras ,and Hand-Processing Film. Forthcoming! Check back soon!

Three Films about Philosophers, Poets and Lovers

From the film archive 

A love poem to oneself- a musical adaptation of the poem "Lovesong" by Rainer Maria Rilke.

A sister, a woman named Lou and a philosopher lost in love and thought. The letters of Friedrich Nietzsche, Elisabeth Nietzsche and Lou Salome. "Different Paths" or "Fuck Off Sis" imagines one of Friedrich's many trips to the vacation home of Lou and her husband Carl. Defying his sister, and common sense, Friedrich pursues Lou with a ferocity that conflates and confuses academic rigor with sexual desire.

From the letters of Rene Descartes and Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia